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"Be quiet, boy."

I've been busy for the past several days. I was at Liberty University, watching very dear friends graduate from law school, during President Donald Trump's commencement address. I also spent a day in Washington D.C. pursuing a few career opportunities.

Unfortunately Hillcrest has been busy, too.

The faithful Undefeated Courage team has been there every time a patient arrives, and stayed until every patient left.

Last Wednesday they committed eight abortions. Although they had a higher number of patients, Hillcrest actually decreased the number of staff! One of their employees did not come that day, so there were only four staff there. This employee hasn't been seen since. I wish that she went to And Then There Were None to get help finding a new job. I doubt that, though. It's more likely that Hillcrest had to downsize because of finances.

Despite the decreased staff, Hillcrest did even more abortions last Saturday. There were eleven abortions! It is horrible. The woman who had a car accident two weeks ago came for her abortion that day. In addition to the abortions, there were also a number of patients there for follow-up appointments. There were nineteen patients inside with only five staff members.

Hillcrest did eight more abortions today.

My friends with Undefeated Courage were there every day. They were there for each of these women. They are committed to being there from the time the first patient comes, and they do not leave until the last patient leaves.

Please come and join us! We are going to be there again this Friday from 6:30 until around 12:00 noon. You can come any time. We would love to have you there with us to pray with us. You won't have to say anything, unless you want to.

There was big news about Hillcrest this week. The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently published the results of their Health Inspection! There were several violations - which have been going on all year. This is a 43 page document.

The Hillcrest Health Inspection Report was on site at Hillcrest today

I plan to write more about this in the future. Basically it shows that Hillcrest is not safe. Here are the big problems:

  • Hillcrest has no RN on staff. Without an RN, the women are left alone before and after the abortion. They have no one to monitor them for reactions from the anesthesia.

  • Hillcrest has outdated medical supplies and equipment. The most egregious of the outdated medical supplies were the STI swabs which expired in 2004.

  • Dr. Thweat cannot demonstrate that he is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology or by the American Osteopathic Board of Obstetric and Gynecology to ensure that Hillcrest provides satisfactory quality of treatment.

  • Hillcrest doesn't draw blood for testing before doing abortions. They don't even have a policy for this, even though the law requires it.

  • Hillcrest doesn't do proper background checks on their employees and Dr. Thweat, who perform abortions on patients under 18 years old.

And on and on it goes. Basically, Hillcrest is now Harrisburg's House of Horrors. This confirms our suspicions.

The evidence of Hillcrest's failure to actually care about their patients is demonstrated by the condition of their lawn. The front lawn of Hillcrest is growing so tall, people could almost get lost in it. They haven't mowed all year, and it's showing.

The state of the grass is actually mentioned in a news article about this health inspection.

I had the report in my hand while I was at Hillcrest today. When Dr. Thweat came outside, I asked him if he had any

comment about the health inspection report. I asked him what steps he was taking to correct the problems. Instead of answering, Dr. Thweat told me to, "Be quiet, boy."

I told him that was offensive, and then reminded him that And Then There Were None would help him to find a new job. Despite everything that he has done, we are still urging him to repent of abortion and get out. We still care about him. We want him to be saved from this place.

Two other workers came out and left together. They said they didn't know anything about the report. I offered them my copy, but they declined. I told the driver that she should quit this horrible place. She said she's just going to ride the job until the wheels come off. "I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, I can't speak for the others."

"If you're on the bus and people are dying, you don't just keep riding it. You need to get off immediately." I responded.

The passenger interrupted, then. She was fixing her hair distractedly in the mirror, and dismissively told us to have a good day. At her urging, the driver pulled away.

I really hope that these workers look up the report, read it, and quit this place. Hillcrest is a horrible place. No one should ever go there for any of the services they provide.

To answer Dr. Thweat's demand that I "be quiet:"

No. No, I will not be quiet. I will never be silent in the face of evil. Hillcrest is killing innocent children, and hurting so many women and their families. You do not obey the law, but put profits above the welfare of your patients. Your horrible work will come to an end. I will continue to oppose the work you do with every breath until then. This is my pursuit.

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