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   I am a Christian first and foremost. My identity in Christ prevails over all other aspects in each dimension of my life. I am a Christian man. I am a Christian son, brother, uncle, friend, attorney, and advocate. “Christian,” as I understand it, means “like Christ” or “little Christ.” It was first used to describe the followers of Christ at Antioch almost two-thousand years ago. My goal is that I will be more and more like Christ in every area of my life. That is to say, my goal is to become more and more godly.

   God made me in His image. All human beings are made in the image of God. We are male or female image bearers. That doesn’t mean that God is a man of German and Irish descent with a thinning hairline. It means that I am have moral, rational, relational, and spiritual capacities beyond any other kind of God’s creation. I am a man.

   I am the sixth of thirteen children born to my wonderful father and mother. I get great enjoyment whenever I’m asked how many brothers and sisters I have. “Six . . .” I begin to answer, and relish the look of shock on their faces before I go on to utterly flabbergast them by finishing, “. . .

of each." Having six brothers and sisters has also given rise to eighteen nephews and nieces. I’m going to have to regularly update this section, I’m sure. I love my family, and am so glad that God has given them to me.

   God has also given me innumerable friends. Different people have been closer than others, but I am so thankful for every friend who has been a companion, colleague, counselor, or comforter through thick and thin.  I cannot adequately describe how valuable these friends have been in my life. They continue to help me become more and more like Christ.


   Those friends were particularly helpful in my journey through education. I was at school for seven years, and my friends helped me continue through every difficulty. The results include a Juris Doctorate, and now I am an attorney in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a Christian attorney, I do everything with all my heart, knowing that I am working for God and not for men. I know that the law is good, if it is used properly. I want to properly apply the law to ensure that justice is done as I zealously advocate for my clients.

   Attorneys are advocates in the law, but I am also an advocate for life. Particularly, I am a sidewalk advocate doing pro-life work whenever and wherever I can. Abortion is the most devastating practice in human history. Every successful abortion destroys innocent human life. Not only does it destroy thousands of preborn human beings every day in this country, it wounds tens of millions of women around the world every year. The impact of abortion extends to fathers, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and all of society. The costs of abortion for society are monumental, and not least among them is the moral consequences for allowing the destruction of so many millions of innocent people.


   My hope and prayer is that we will see an end to abortion in this world. I am pursuing a world without abortion. I am also pursuing godliness in every aspect of my life. This is my pursuit: life and godliness.

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