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Holy Wednesday

The Hillcrest sign.

Today is Holy Wednesday in the Church calendar. For Christians, this week is the time we dedicate in remembrance and celebration of the work of Jesus Christ - who came as a man to bear our sins on the cross. Friday is Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified - he who knew no sin becoming sin for us. It is a holiday week, and every woman who has abortions this week will be reminded every year this holiday comes.

Three women had abortions at Hillcrest in Harrisburg today.

Because Valentine's Day was eight weeks ago, I pessimistically predicted that we would see more abortions six, seven, and eight weeks later. Instead, Hillcrest's numbers have been consistently lower for the past three weeks! Still, we have seen more death there than should ever happen.

This is John, today was his last Wednesday with us. He starts a new job on Monday.

Today we had one couple come explaining that this was "financially difficult" for them. Instead of listening to all the resources which are made available to them without cost, they went through with the abortion. Three hours later, they came out with a much sourer disposition. The man rudely refused Sarah's* offer of post-abortion resources.

Another couple came saying that the decision was "real difficult" to make. The man left the woman inside alone after the abortionist arrived. Sarah begged him, passionately, to go back in to her and not to leave her alone. He replied that it was her decision to make. Sarah pointed out that it takes two to make the baby, and that he has a voice in the matter. He could make a difference, if he would only go back in to try. He said that he had already tried. Sarah kept urging him, to the point of tears, to go back in and try again. She pointed out that we were all there praying for him. (There were nine of us there today - either on our knees or with heads bowed in prayer while she spoke with him). Sadly, the man drove away. He didn't return until it was time to pick up the woman after the abortion.

The third woman who came today was dropped off by two other women. The two women who drove away, leaving her alone, were talkative. After picking up the woman they had left for the abortion, they told us that she "would not be having any more children," because "she's gone gay." This is one of the oddest comments we've heard, but not by far. People say very weird things when under the stress of being at an abortion facility.

Mary, standing at the front entrance.

Last Saturday I was at a men's conference with John, so wasn't able to be at Hillcrest. Mary did want to share one story, which is very sad: While standing at the front entrance, Mary was glad to talk to a woman driving in to the facility. The driver took the pro-life

information, and then passed it back to another woman in the back seat. This was an Uber driver, and she was simply bringing the woman for an abortion. Mary was able to talk - through the driver - to the woman, and even shared a 12-week fetal model with her. The woman pushed the fetal model back to Mary after looking at it, and then urged the Uber driver on. When the woman got out of the car, she was joined by a young man. Mary hadn't been able to see him in the back of the car with tinted windows. The man and woman went inside, and the driver drove away.

Mary continued to pray for the woman. Then another car arrived at the front entrance. Mary got to talk to this man, another Uber driver, who was driving a black Mercedes.

The man told Mary that he was coming to pick up the couple who had been dropped off earlier! The abortionist (Dr. Thweat) hadn't arrived yet, so they couldn't have had an abortion. When the couple came out to get into the Uber, Mary asked if they had changed their minds. The woman said "yes!"

One of my 12-Week Fetal Models

Mary was thrilled, and asked the woman if she could have a hug. The woman agreed, and Mary met her in the driveway to give her a hug. The man and woman then got into the black Mercedes and were driven away. I got a text at the conference celebrating this decision for life, and I was thrilled! Then I got another text an hour later. The couple had come back. They changed their minds again, and returned in the same black Mercedes to have the abortion. It was the most tragic text I think I've ever received. How could someone go from choosing life and hugging a pro-life sidewalk advocate one hour, and then be right back at Hillcrest the next? Whatever was compelling her to choose abortion was very powerful. Mary, Steve, and I all prayed together for this couple to be healed as we remembered them today. But I want to close with some good news. Shannon*, who I wrote about a few weeks ago who changed her mind and went to the pregnancy resource center for an ultrasound, well she is doing great! Mary called her earlier this week and got an update. Her husband is starting a job next month, and Shannon is getting medical care from a great Ob/Gyn. She chose life on March 23rd, and is still going strong with the support she has found.

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