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Planned Parenthood Values Abortion Above All Else

Last week President Trump quietly offered Planned Parenthood $500,000,000 every year.

That's half a billion dollars. Every year.

Planned Parenthood already receives this money every year. Planned Parenthood's annual reports detail how they got $540,600,000 from government grants in 2013-2014. They received even more--$553,700,000--the following year. President Trump offered to let them keep getting it.

All of that money is from tax revenues. None of the federal money is lawfully allowed to be used for abortions (but State Medicaid funds may be). The funds are used to operate the 650 Planned Parenthood clinics. It represents more than 40% of the organization's operating budget. Without this money, Planned Parenthood would undoubtedly have to downsize.

Planned Parenthood is in real danger of losing all of this cash. Congress is moving closer to defunding the abortion giant.

President Trump's offer would secure Planned Parenthood's government grants. It would protect them from the consequences of losing half a billion dollars in annual operating funds.

Has Trump abandoned his pro-life stance? Is he protecting Planned Parenthood?

No. He made his offer conditional on one thing:

Planned Parenthood can keep their $500 million a year, IF they stop doing abortions.

This offer forced Planned Parenthood to squarely address the importance of abortion in their operation. It also made it clear that the only motivation for defunding Planned Parenthood is because they do abortions. If Planned Parenthood doesn't do abortions, they will continue receiving their $500 million in government aid.

In fact, they might actually get more. President Trump has hinted that he wants to increase government funding of women's health programs. The New York Times reported this comment from Donald Trump:


As I said throughout the campaign, I am pro-life and I am deeply committed to investing in women’s health and plan to significantly increase federal funding in support of non-abortion services such as cancer screenings.

Polling shows the majority of Americans oppose public funding for abortion, even those who identify as pro-choice. There is an opportunity for organizations to continue the important work they do in support of women’s health, while not providing abortion services.


According to President Trump, Planned Parenthood can get hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year, even getting an increase in their already generous funding, if they stop doing abortions. Will they do this? Will they stop aborting preborn human beings in order to keep serving women?


We shouldn't be surprised by this answer. Planned Parenthood gave it swiftly and decisively.


Offering money to Planned Parenthood to abandon our patients and our values is not a deal that we will ever accept. #IStandWithPP

Dawn Laguens (@dawnlaguens) March 6, 2017


Dawn Laguens, Planned Parenthood's Executive Vice President and chief brand officer, sent out this tweet the same day that President Trump reportedly made his offer.

Her tweet makes clear that abortion is part of Planned Parenthood's values. Abortions are important to Planned Parenthood, and they will never stop doing them.


Planned Parenthood is proud to provide abortion--a necessary service that's as vital to our mission as birth control or cancer screenings.

Cecile Richards (@CecileRichards) March 6, 2017


Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, also got on Twitter that day to make clear that abortion is central to the work of Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is so fundamental to Planned Parenthood, in fact, that they are willing to stake $500 million and more on it.

Yet, Planned Parenthood says that abortion is only 3% of their services. Relying on the same annual reports linked above, Planned Parenthood and their supporters regularly assert that abortion is only a small part of the services they provide.

If abortion is such a small part of their practice, why are they so quick to dismiss President Trump's offer?

Wouldn't it make sense to sacrifice the 3% of services to ensure that the other 97% can continue and even increase?

First of all, abortion is NOT a small part of what Planned Parenthood does. Watch this video from Live Action to learn how Planned Parenthood fudges their numbers to create the "Most Meaningless Abortion Statistic Ever."

Planned Parenthood won't give up doing abortions, because Planned Parenthood is all about abortions.

Abortion generates as much as one-third of Planned Parenthood's clinic income. It is central to the Planned Parenthood operation.

Planned Parenthood will never give up abortions. They value abortions over their $500,000,000 in annual government funding. They value abortion over all the other health services they provide.

This isn't just about money, it's about morality. Planned Parenthood is committed to providing abortions, no matter what.

If you support Planned Parenthood, then you support that part of their mission. There is no way to get around it.

Support for Planned Parenthood is support for abortion. This has never been more clear than it is today.


Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. Ephesians 5:11


Thank you, President Trump, for offering Planned Parenthood $500,000,000 a year to stop doing abortions. They have revealed their true colors.


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